I am Christina the puppet master of this blog. I will be sharing my knowledge of photo manipulation using only my iPhone x. My first edit I'd like to share with you is titled "flight".

First some basic hints about using photos from the internet:

-do not use any copyrighted images without prior permission

-searching through google images and Deviant art are great places to start

-use "png" after your desired search criteria for already erased images (much easier to work with)

-and I can't stress this enough, use your own photos as often as possible

In this edit the water is three different photos layered together. The birds, girl, and whale are all google images. The sky and shot of New York City are my images. (when taking photos always shoot in raw, this will be discussed more in future blogs)


the app for the Eraser icon will look like this:

(the icon is in the lower right corner)

tap this icon, then this screen will appear:

tap the box in upper left side to load in a photo from your camera roll. Choose your photo.

after you have selected your photo to erase tap the erase option

Use the width slide to adjust the diameter of the orange erasing circle. Erase your image as cleanly as possible.

once your happy with result hit Done and save to your camera roll. Now your erased image is ready to go into your edit!

Stay tuned for daily updates and tutorials